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  • Veevus GSP thread

    Veevus GSP Thread

    G.S.P (Gel Spun Polyethylene) is by far the strongest thread on the planet after our Veevus thread. In difference to other brands  the Veevus G.S.P. thread has been designed with a slight twist preventing it from opening up, and thereby making tying...

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  • Veevus Iris thread

    Veevus Iris Thread

    This stuff takes thread bodied flies to a whole new level. But wait there's more, what if the fly, say a Clouser had this thread tied in at the head? Or what if it was furled and used as an extended body? What about ribbing? Terrestrials? The list goes...

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  • Veevus power thread

    Veevus Power Thread

    We have made a brand new thread, stronger and 100% flat - we call it VEEVUS Power Thread. The thicker size is SO strong that it could replace GSP! We will start with the most popular 10 colors and 2 sizes - 140 and 240. You can view a video of the...

    R48.00 - R54.00
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  • Veevus Thread

    Veevus Thread

    Veevus 16/0 and 14/0 is a twisted unwaxed thread.   Ideal as an alternative to Spider Web and Trico;  the thread untwists and splits easily and has a very impressive breaking strain:- UNI 17/0 = around 114g 16/0 Spider Web = around...

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