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Chenille & Fritz


  • Flybox Red Dragon Fritz Flybox Red Dragon Fritz

    Flybox Red Dragon Fritz

    Red Dragon Fritz features flat red flash fibres through the fritz. This version works particularly well mixed through standard blob fritz to give added flash or for using on halo blobs.

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  • Flybox Dragon Eye Fritz Flybox Dragon Eye Fritz

    Flybox Dragon Eye Fritz

    Dragon’s Eye Fritz is a single-wave 10mm Fritz with fine gold fibres through the fritz. Unlike a lot of other metallic fritz, Dragon’s Eye dyes well takes on a vibrant colour, just like standard fritz.   This material is build on an...

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  • Flybox Bi-Colour Fritz Flybox Bi-Colour Fritz

    Flybox Bi-Colour Fritz

    NEW for 2019, Bi-Colour Fritz is a brand new Fritz which has a stunning 2-tone effect.  This 2-tone effect is achieved by the material having one non-dyeable coloured fibre in the mix.  In the case of the Tiger Blend it features non dyeable...

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  • Flybox MX - D Flybox MX - D Mini

    Flybox MX - D Mini

      MX-D is a hybrid blob material, which combines our acclaimed Eggstasy Yarn with Fritz Fibres. The result gives you the best features of both materials on the same core: the colour/shape of a Fritz Blob combined with the super effective...

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  • Flybox Pulse Flybox Pulse

    Flybox Pulse

    Flybox PULSE is a new Hackle version of Eggstasy.  We call it a “slush-hackle”.  Made of thicker Eggstasy Fibers and double sided, PULSE quite literally Pulses between pulls in the water.   It also creates a unique...

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  • Flybox Intense Chenille Flybox Intense Chenille

    Flybox Intense Chenille

    Injection Dyed 2mm Intense Chenille – an old material, but still deadly on trout lures and mini lures.   These are injection dyed which creates an incredibly intense dye colour

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  • Hareline Polar Chenille - Olive Brown Hareline Polar Chenille - Brown

    Hareline UV Polar Chenille

    Long translucent fibres that undulate like marabou in the water. Can be used for saltwater, trout, steelhead, salmon and warmwater patterns The micro size will allow you to tie smaller patterns like scuds, nymphs and bonefish flies.

    R50.00 - R60.00
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  • Magnum's original dragon tails Mangum's Original Dragon Tail UV2 Treated

    Mangum's Original Dragon Tail UV2 Treated

    David Mangum is one of the premier tarpon guides on Florida's Gulf Coast. He developed his Mangum's Dragon Tail for use in a variety of streamer flies. Made from an amazing new poly-based synthetic material, Dragon Tails move and undulate like no other...

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  • Hareline Afterglow Chenille

    Hareline Afterglow Chenille

    This chenille is a groovy white that turns glow green when charged. It will add that splash of the 70’s into your patterns! Offered in a medium size, you get three yards of glow-in-the-dark goodness that is perfect for just about any size bug you...

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