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  • Textreme Magic Tinsel Combo Pack

    Textreme Magic Tinsel Combo Pack

    New for 2019 – Textreme Magic Tinsel is a game-changer in the world of tinsels. This semi-translucent tinsel has a pearl hue, and is available in 13x colours. The tinsel can also be stretched...

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  • Textreme phospho floss Textreme Phospho Floss

    Textreme Phospho Floss

    Phospho-Floss is a semi-texturized thread, similar to Micro Floss which is charged with phospho pigments that reacts to ultraviolet light (both solar and artificial). It is particularly suitable for...

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  • Textreme Pearl Tinsel Textreme Small Pearl Tinsel

    Textreme Small Pearl Tinsel

    From Textreme Italy, Small Pearl Tinsel is a range of fantastic dyed pearl tinsel. It’s really versatile – you can use it for ribs, bodies and even tie with it for pearl heads. The...

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  • Textreme Synthetic boots Textreme Synthetic Biot

    Textreme Synthetic Biot

    NEW From Textreme, Italy comes Synthetic Biots – this product is similar to our H.D Quills – but are transparent and tapered.  Being transparent allows you to use various thread or...

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