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Hot Spot Hare'e Ear Nymph

Posted by Morne Bayman on 2nd Jun 2018

Head: Slotted Tungsten beadHook: Fulling Mill Jig HookBody: Hare's Ear DubbingRibbing: Veevus Holographic TinselTail : CDLHot Spot

Hot Spot Jig Nymph Step by Step

Posted by Morne Bayman on 27th May 2018

Materials:Head: Slotted Tungsten beadHook: Fulling Mill Jig HookBody: Hare's Ear DubbingRibbing:  Semperfli Ultra f

Bead Comparison

28th Mar 2018

Hook and Bead size comparison.Most people new to fly tying struggle to know which bead size fit to which hook. Although hook sizes differ be