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Hot Spot Jig Nymph Step by Step

Posted by Morne Bayman on 27th May 2018


Head: Slotted Tungsten bead

Hook: Fulling Mill Jig Hook

Body: Hare's Ear Dubbing

Ribbing:  Semperfli Ultra fine wireVeevus Holographic Tinsel

Tail : Veevus Power Thread

Hot Spot: Veevus Thread

Colar: CDC

Step By Step

Place your slotted tungsten bead on the hook, place in Vice and tie in tail material making sure the tailing material stay on top of the hook shank. Cut the tail material flush with the end of the hook.

Tie in the wire rib on the far side of the hook and the Tinsel on the near side.

Dub the body of the fly forming a small taper towards the front. Leave a small gap behind the bead.

First wind the tinsel and then the wire rib in spirals around the body towards the front of the fly and tie off.

Using a Marc Petitjean Magic Tool Place a CDC feather in the table clip and then use the clamp to secure the feathers.

Spit your thread and transfer the CDC feathers from the clamp to your thread. Spin the thread to secure the loose feathers.

Wind the CDC feathers around the hook making sure in the process the stroke the feathers back after each turn.

Add some more dubbing to your thread and wind on between the bead and the CDC to create a small thorax. This will also push the CDC feathers back.

Build up a small thread base behind the bead to create a hot spot and whip finish.

Finished fly from side and top.