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Body Material

  • Flybox MX - D Flybox MX - D Mini

    Flybox MX - D Mini

      MX-D is a hybrid blob material, which combines our acclaimed Eggstasy Yarn with Fritz Fibres. The result gives you the best features of both materials on the same core: the colour/shape of a Fritz Blob combined with the super effective...

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  • Textreme Synthetic boots Textreme Synthetic Biot

    Textreme Synthetic Biot

    NEW From Textreme, Italy comes Synthetic Biots – this product is similar to our H.D Quills – but are transparent and tapered.  Being transparent allows you to use various thread or floss underbodies to create striking colour effects...

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  • Flybox Pulse Flybox Pulse

    Flybox Pulse

    Flybox PULSE is a new Hackle version of Eggstasy.  We call it a “slush-hackle”.  Made of thicker Eggstasy Fibers and double sided, PULSE quite literally Pulses between pulls in the water.   It also creates a unique...

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  • Flybox Intense Chenille Flybox Intense Chenille

    Flybox Intense Chenille

    Injection Dyed 2mm Intense Chenille – an old material, but still deadly on trout lures and mini lures.   These are injection dyed which creates an incredibly intense dye colour

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  • Wapsi Thin Skin Wapsi Thin Skin

    Wapsi Thin Skin

    Wapsi Thin Skin is a stretchable thin plastic film great for use on a wide variety of fly patterns. Thin Skin is excellent for wing cases on nymphs, backs on scuds, sow bugs, shells on crayfish, and shrimp patterns. This material can be used on flies...

    R65.00 - R290.00
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  • Veniard Voodoo Fibres Veniard Voodoo Fibres

    Veniard Voodoo Fibres

    The Veniard Voodoo Fibres is black barred synthetic material for enhanced attraction and can be used for a variety of fly tying uses.This material offers high colour contrast and the extra illusion of movement due to the barring effect. The material is...

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