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Other Dubbing

  • Genuine Seals Fur Dubbing Dispenser

    Genuine Seals Fur Dubbing Dispenser

    Our selection of the most popular genuine seal fur colours in a convenient dispenser box.Contains :- Orange, Med. Olive, Fiery Brown, Cream, Black, Yellow, Lt. Olive, Claret, Dark Olive, Golden Olive, Green Highlander & Red

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  • Squirrel Dubbing dispencer

    SLF Squirrel Dubbing Dispenser

    Another original Davy Wotton product.  Squirrel fur dyed in 12 shades with an added SLF sparkle. Fantastic for creating lifelike thoraxes on your nymphs.   Colours include:- Dark Brown, Rust Brown, Burnt Orange, Black, Natural Gray, Bleached...

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  • Larva Lace Mohair Plus dubbing

    Larva Lace Mohair Plus Dubbing

    Mohair Plus is a blend of long-fiber mohair goat dubbing and Angel Hair. It's long enough to dub a leech (like the dazzle leech), or cut it short to dub larger nymphs, scuds, woolly buggers, soft hackles, etc. The favored method of dubbing, for this...

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