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Tying Thread

  • UTC Ultra Thread

    UTC Ultra Thread

    Ultra Thread from Wapsi UTC is the choice of discerning fly tyers, offering great colors and a variety of breaking strengths. This nylon thread is engineered for fly tying. It is lightly waxed and lays very flat for low...

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    Semperfli Fluoro brite

    Fluoro Brite

    Creates fluoro hot spot heads that glow bright on all types of flies. Also used as body wrap

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  • Spyder Thread

    Spyder Thread

    Despite the strength of Nano Silk and its ability to lie flat and disappear on small and micro flies some tyers prefer traditional material for their fly tying thread. Semperfli developed Spyder Thread aimed at the traditional market where fine threads...

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  • Semperfli 12/0 nano silk

    Semperfli Nano silk

    Semperfli Nano Silk This thread is a stranded form of GSP which has incredible strength for its size. Advertised as “almost unbreakable”, it allows tying techniques never before possible while minimizing thread build-up on small flies. It...

    R45.00 - R65.00
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