Chenille & Fritz

  • FAP Plush Fritz

    FAP Plush Fritz

    This super dense, bushy fritz is the firm favourite for tying the infamous Blob fly that has won so many competitions. Pure translucent fibres for producing high class blobs.

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  • Flybox Gelcore Fritz

    Flybox Limited Edition Gel Core Fritz

    Gel Core Fritz 15mm is a revolutionary new fritz purpose designed for flytying – not some second rate material from the textile trade.   With Gel Core fritz we addressed key problems with the vast majority of fritz – the core...

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  • Flybox Neon Fritz

    Flybox Neon Fritz

    This new 5mm version of our popular NEON|15 is designed with mini-lures in mind.   Available in 15x colours, this is great for small competition flies such as mini cats & booby patterns.  NEW 10mm Version of our popular NEON|15.  ...

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  • Flybox translucent fritz blobfly  dry Flybox translucent fritz blobfly  wet

    Flybox Translucent Fritz

    T-15 is the first in our new Translucent series.  This material gives a unique jelly-like look in the water.  Dyed into a stunning range of colours, this material is great for blob and lure patterns.   NEW T-10 is the second product in...

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  • Frozen North Fishing chewing gum

    FNF 3mm Chewing Gum

    This material is a soft rubbery chenille ideal for bodies and chewing gum worms. The soft materialis mounted on a nano core so it can be easily stripped of to tie in. Thegum is buoyant so when tied in to flies it will slow down their sink...

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    Frozen North Jelly Fritz

    FNF Jelly Fritz

    6mm Micro Jelly fritz We introduced the micro jelly after anglers asked for a shorter fibre (6mm)to use on booby bodies. It has all the same characteristics as its bigbrother.  15mm Jelly Frits This is the translucent fritz material used to...

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  • Hareline Afterglow Chenille

    Hareline Afterglow Chenille

    This chenille is a groovy white that turns glow green when charged. It will add that splash of the 70’s into your patterns! Offered in a medium size, you get three yards of glow-in-the-dark goodness that is perfect for just about any size bug you...

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  • Hareline cactus chenille - Black Hareline cactus chenille - Bonefish Tan

    Hareline Cactus Chenile

    Loose weave Mylar chenille, like ice chenille, but with pearlescent fibers which make it sparkle. Lots of flash, color and action. For large trout streamers, salmon, steelhead, bass and pike flies. 3 yds. per pk

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