Synthetic materials have made fly tying a lot easier in recent years. No need searching for the last Dodo feathers to tie that perfect fly. From Hair and Fibres, rubber to foam and even some flashy synthetic materials, you will find it right here. 


  • Adult Damsel Body

    Adult Damsel Bodies are available in two sizes and four colors. Adult Damsel Bodies make tying perfect adult damsel patterns a snap. Simply tye in a damsel body and touch the end with a bit of glue or UV cure to make sure it's durable and you are...

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  • Blane Chockletts Body Tubing

    Tie lighter and tougher big game flies with one of the most revolutionary body wrap materials ever available in the fly tying world: Chocklett’s Body Tubing. New 1/8" size is perfect for smaller streamers. Use Chocklett's Body tubing to create...

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  • Chicone's Fettuccine foam Chicone's Fettuccine Foam

    Chicone's Fettuccine Foam

    Chicone’s Fettuccine Foam are thin slices of 4mm foam to spin heads for flies like Drew Chicone’s Tuscan Bunny. This technique allows a fly to suspend high in the water column which works great on species like Snook and Tarpon. Try...

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  • Chocklett's Body Wrap Chocklett's Body Wrap

    Chocklett's Body Wrap

    Chocklett's Body Wrap comes in two yard lengths and can be cut to the length you desire. Easy to wrap and then trim or wrap a pre cut tapered body. Great to use with the Fish Skull Articulated Shanks, Copic Markers and various stick-on/glue on eyes to...

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  • Fish Scull Fish MAsk Fish Skull Fish Mask

    Fish Skull Fish Mask

    The Fish-Skull® Fish-Mask  is an ultra-lightweight Fish-Skull® designed for tying weightless streamers that suspend in the water column. It has a realistic baitfish head profile that includes recessed eye sockets that secure...

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  • Flat Foam Sheets Flat Foam Sheets

    Flat Foam Sheets

    Micro Very thinly shaven closed cell foam, great for underwraps or smaller flies. Approximately 1/2mm thickness, 2 sheets 4 1/2" x 3". 1mm Closed cell foam for Hopper, Ants and Beetles.   2 sheets per package, 4 1/2" x 3"  2mm 2 x 2mm Flat...

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