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  • Flybox Egg Veil Flybox Egg Veil

    Flybox Egg Veil

    Our Egg-Veil, is a super-soft egg-yarn specially developed for tying veils on egg flies. The material is very easy to use – simply tie it in at the start of your fly and once finished,...

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  • Flybox Eggstasy Flybox Eggstasy

    Flybox Eggstasy

    EGGSTASY Eggstasy is a revolutionary product for tying egg-flies. Unlike standard egg-yarn, which involves spinning yarn, Eggstasy is built on a core which means you can simply tie it like a...

    R60.00 - R65.00
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  • Flybox Intense Chenille Flybox Intense Chenille

    Flybox Intense Chenille

    Injection Dyed 2mm Intense Chenille – an old material, but still deadly on trout lures and mini lures.   These are injection dyed which creates an incredibly intense dye colour

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  • Flybox Neon Fritz Flybox Neon Fritz

    Flybox Neon Fritz

    NEON MINI This new 5mm version of our popular NEON|15 is designed with mini-lures in mind.   Available in 15x colours, this is great for small competition flies such as mini cats & booby...

    R55.00 - R60.00
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  • Flybox translucent fritz blobfly  dry Flybox translucent fritz blobfly  wet

    Flybox Translucent Fritz

    T-15 is the first in our new Translucent series.  This material gives a unique jelly-like look in the water.  Dyed into a stunning range of colours, this material is great for blob and lure...

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